What’s in a voice?

Finding the right voice over artist to represent your company is arguably more important than choosing an effective logo. It isn’t just part of your brand – it’s quite literally the voice of it. A young voice suggests a young company. An annoying voice suggests an annoying company. And so on.

I went out for lunch with my mum yesterday and she was telling me that she gets wound up every time she goes to her local health club by a recording that tells her she must look after her children if they are under the age of 16. She doesn’t hate it because she is being told what to do or because she has heard the same message three times a week for the past two years. What annoys her is that the voice is, in her words, ‘nasal’. The harshness of the voice interrupts her reverie as she anticipates her swim, sauna and steam room session. She went on to tell me that she is thinking of cancelling her membership and signing up with a rival.

I’m not saying that her decision to change gyms is all down to that one voice over – but it is part of the whole experience that is no longer living up to her expectations. Like many people, she wouldn’t notice a terrible logo unless it was angrily waved in front of her face by her daughter – but she does notice that interrupting voice and every time she hears it, it winds her up a little bit more.

So choose your voice carefully and weigh up whether it’s more important that the message gets across (she certainly remembers that if she had any children under 16 she’d be expected to look after them) or that it sets the right tone for your brand. Of course, if you choose the right voice over artist, you should be able to get both.